INFRAREDESIGN® on flexible plastic packaging

  • INFRARED PACKAGING – new brand
  • Cooperation of our partner Rotoplast and FotoSoft
  • Control of INFRAREDESIGN® in the production during printing, subsequent control in the application and in retail outlets
  • Customer receives a dual camera
  • Possibility of recording – immediate review and subsequent additional analysis
  • Easy and quick control by using: camera, photo camera and mobile phone with night vision option – infrared source, IR camera – surveillance camera

Existing infrastructure and possibilities of application

  • Using existing surveillance cameras for video surveillance in stores – possibilities with minor investments in new video cameras
  • Barcode readers in stores
  • Barcode readers on mobile phones – possible in the near future

INFRAREDESIGN® coloured barcode

  • Readable on all barcode readers
  • Cannot be scanned or copied because IRD information is lost
  • Counterfeit products (packaging) cannot be read by a barcode reader
  • Coloured barcode on a coloured background – high level of protection
  • Today there is an increasing need for multiple barcodes on a product for faster reading on barcode readers

Application of IRD, coloured barcodes, coloured QR codes

  • Prize games
  • Protection against counterfeiting
  • Many additional information without major interventions in design
  • Design upgrade


  • Represents a new standard and brand in flexo printing
  • Allows the upgrading of the existing design – double information, added value, new perception of safety
  • Standard conditions in printing, standard flexo colours, standard print backgrounds – tested and verified
  • Simple control