and reliability

Bakrotisak PLC is a company for the production of flexible packaging.
The company started operating in 1975 in Garešnica, and with many years of experience has proven to be a professional and loyal partner of its customers.
Keeping pace with technological developments of printing machines and machines for processing flexible packaging as well as developments in preparatory processes, Bakrotisak is proud of its machine park that can meet even the highest requirements of its customers. Many years of experience, experienced and proven experts, high quality materials and products, as well as perseverance in perfecting even the smallest detail for the packaging of your product are the reasons to contact us with full confidence.

  • To be the leading printing company in the region in the sustainable creation of new values, taking care of the environment, as well as safety and protection of health and environment.
  • To provide customers with all goods and services that will optimally meet their needs, with the application of cutting edge and environmentally friendly technology.
  • To contribute to the development and economic prosperity of the region in which we operate, and the Republic of Croatia.
  • Provide employees with the opportunity for learning, personal development and career creation, and provide adequate income for achieved results.

Our name is synonymous with an attentive relationship towards our customers, the community, the environment and our employees. Bakrotisak will continue to be recognizable for its professionalism and quality in the area where it operates. Our range of products contributes to our reliability and competitiveness. We will continue to be a synonym for a safe, pleasant and stimulating workplace. We encourage our employees to value and achieve results using their full potential in an atmosphere of continuous progress. Relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and the local community will continue to be characterized by a long-term partnership.


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