Garešnica, Graničarska 2A

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  • Director: +385 43 675-240
  • Technical director: +385 43 675-229
  • Sales director: +385 43 675-221
  • Service manager: +385 43 531-522
  • Sales department: +385 43 531-357
  • Fax: +385 43 531-520
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About Us

Bakrotisak d.d. is a manufacturing company for flexible packaging, retail and wholesale food and non food products, transportation of goods in the domestic and international road transport.

The company began with the production in 1975 in Garešnica, and with many years of experience proved to be a competent and loyal parnter to their customers.

Following the technological developments of machines for processing and printing of flexible packaging and monitoring of the preparatory process, Bakrotisak today owns the machines that can satisfy the most demanding requirements of its customers.

Years of experience, led by experienced professionals, quality materials and products, and persistence in perfecting to the smallest detail to the packaging of your product are the reasons to contact us with full confidence.